• The riders’ feeling program helps you to find the correct rider’s position and further develop your riders’ feeling in order to be successful in your training and on competitions. This approach covers posture and physical training, dressage lessons, lunge lessons and coaching on competitions. 

  • A riders’ feeling training will help you to achieve the following:

    Your horse will be more responsive to your aids so riding becomes easier and lighter. Because your horse understands exactly what you ask, the horse is becoming a real happy athlete. Both rider and horse are perfectly balanced and enjoy working together.

    You are a confident rider, both in training and on competitions. You are not negatively influenced by competitive stress anymore, but instead you are looking forward to every competition and training.  When you enter the centerline you are fully focused and you know perfectly what you are doing. Riding is fun! You are training systematically in order to achieve your goals.

    You are successful on competitions. Your horse is well trained and you are riding with confidence and joy so you will get high scores at competitions. You are leaving the judge with an amazing impression. 

  • What makes a riders’ feeling training unique?

    - During the training you are challenged, motivated and pushed out of your comfort zone without losing trust.

    -This training is focused on the rider in particularly. You are being taught how to get the most out of your horse and consequently why and what you need to do to reach this.

    - This training is more than just a riding lesson. It includes always the following elements: physical training (balance, core stability, strength and mobility), dressage lessons, mindsets (control and focus), a master class (knowledge training) and video training (depending on the course).