• The riders’ feeling program is developed for ambitious dressage riders who believe in riding as a real team sport.

    It will help to get the most out of yourself and your horse. You have a critical view towards yourself and you are truly aware of the fact that also riders need to improve to become a better team. You take the physical and psychological aspects of training both yourself and your horse into consideration. This program aims to teach how to use quiet and clear aids so the horse can easily understand what you are asking. 

  • This training program is useful if you recognize yourself in any of the following scenarios:

    Sometimes you feel that you need to give more aids than less, without your horse is doing any better. Do you end up using more and more demanding aids? The stronger your aids get, the less response you seem to get? Is it difficult to give the aids at exactly the right moment? All these problems can be simply solved by learning how to give the aids more effectively so the horse can understand the aids more easily. 

     Do you want to know how you can deal with competitive stress? Are you facing competitive stress in your preparation, warming up or in the test itself? Do you forget to keep riding as soon as you enter the centerline and are you losing the feeling with the horse? Are you getting tense, is your heart rate going up and your breath out of control? Are you losing focus and concentration? Riding a dressage test doesn’t have to be nerve wracking. This riding program can help you to overcome nerves so you can ride a calm and relaxed test.

    Are you still competing at the same level and you simply don’t get really further in your training? Are you unsure about your own abilities and about how to train your horse properly? Do you think that you and your horse could do so much better? Did you get stuck in your training? Are you practicing the same exercise over and over again, hoping that you will succeed the 101st time?

    Whether you're a relative novice or an experienced, independent rider, the riders’ feeling program can help you to improve your riding skills. This program is suitable for ambitious (competition) riders on all different levels. It is effective when you are riding (competitions) at the lower levels but even if you are a competent dressage rider this training can be truly welcome if you just need a little direction to address certain issues that you are facing.