• Dressage training week

  • Enjoy a intensive training course together with your horse or one of mine horses during the Riders’ Feeling Training Weeks. 

  • Who can participate in this training week?

    This dressage course is perfectly suitable for you if you would like to train intensively with your horse for a week with a professional coach. It’s a great way to make a lot of progress in a short time. Do you feel stuck in your training? Than this is the perfect way to make a big step forward. 


  • You can join this training week if you are:

    - a dressage rider B t/m ZZ-licht level (training level - fourth level)
    - a competitive rider or considering to start competing your horse
    - looking forward to train intensively for a few days to make a great progression
    - looking for someone to help you to fix a problem you can’t solve yourself
    - interested in different forms of training; dressage training, competition training, training with heart rate monitor and a posture and seat clinic.
    - up for a few wonderful and relaxing training days together with your horse


  • Testimonial from a participant

    In the days that I've trained with Hester, we trained systematically to get the horse sharper on the aids.

    I trained with a large 7-year-old mare at L2 level. During the warming up, Hester asked me to make her rounder to get her suppler in the body and to prepare her for the real training in which I was asked to engage the hind more and more.

    I'm a big fan of Hester's systematic approach with very clear steps for every exercise. A good example is riding a proper walk pirouette. First she asked me to collect the mare, then ask for a shoulder-in position, keeping pressure on my inside seat bone to turn a nice and small walk pirouette while maintaining rhythm.

    The greatest evidence that I learned much is the fact that Hester had almost nothing to say anymore on the last day. It was very clear to me that Hester really teaches you how to ride and that it is just not an hour entertainment. I’m looking forward to learn even more from Hester. 



  • What does the training week look like?

    The Riders’ Feeling Equestrian Centre is a wonderful location. It has beautiful stalls, a nice arena and a lovely atmosphere. Your horse can go outside in the big grass paddock, relaxing in the pasture, rolling in the indoor arena or you can use the walker. The training week starts on Thursdays and ends on Sundays. A 4 day intensive training with your horse; do what you love doing! The following training sessions are included: 

    - dressage training
    - training with heart rate monitor aimed to apply endurance or strength
    - competition training
    - lunging training
    - physical rider training

  • You are also welcome to watch the training sessions with other riders. From the hill we have a beautiful view over the arena. We encourage learning from and with each other. In the afternoon we enjoy a nice lunch together at the picnic table.


  • Date, location and availability

    Please contact us to register a trainingweek!

    Do you want to stay for more than 4 days? That's possible! Contact us!

    The location for the training weeks is the Riders’ Feel Equestrian Centre in Duiven, Gelderland The Netherlands.

  • Investment

    This training arrangement is a great investment in yourself and your horse. The training week includes:  

    - board for your horse (4 days)
    - straw and hay
    - all training sessions
    - lunch (4x)
    - drinks

  • It is not possible to stay with us yourself. If you would like to stay close to the equestrian centre you can stay in the luxury hotel Duiven (v/d Valk) for example. Please contact them for more information.Breakfast and dinner is not included in the training week but there are options so please contact us for more information about dinner and/or breakfast.
    Please bring the food (grain) for your horse he is used to (or concact us). We kindly ask you to muck out your stall yourself, but for an additional charge we can do that for you.

    The investment for the training week is €150,- incl. a day. 

    Sign up now for the dressage training week and let me know which week or days you want to come. 

    I’m looking forward to welcome you.

    Kind regards, 

    Hester Bransen

  • Contact

    Do you want to join? Please contact Hester!