• Another way of teaching

    'Heels down', 'sit straight', ‘don’t move your hands so much'. Many teachers are shouting at their students what they’re doing wrong. Hester realised that by only yelling what goes wrong, students will never develop a better feeling. 

    The lack of educational training (the way something is being communicated) and the lack of knowledge about the rider is the point where Hester Bransen is making a difference.

    During her study education and knowledge management she became more and more interested in didactical methods. Not surprisingly, she started teaching Equine Management. As a teacher she gained lots of experience in transferring knowledge and skills. She further expanded her didactical expertise among others by successfully following the KNHS Teacher Level 2 and 3 programs. Recently she finished also the KNHS Level 4 trainers course. To gain more knowledge about the human body she studied Cesar therapy.

    Hester trained amongst others with Marian Dorrestijn, Johan Hamminga and John Swaab. These highly respected trainers gave her a very solid foundation as a rider.  Currently, she is competing with the stallion Unique at Dutch Z-level (3rd level). 

    Her own riding experience, both the studies Education and Knowledge Management and Cesar therapy supported her by designing the riders’ feeling training program.