• 30 day challenge

    Accept the challenge and improve your riders' position in only 30 days!

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  • Do you recognize yourself in this?

    You think it's very important to have a perfect riders' position while riding your horse. You know the importance of a good riders' position. You are aware that not everyting is perfect yet and want to work on it. Maybe you recognize yourself in the following points.

    • You think it's difficult to stay steady in your legs and/or arms while riding your horse
    • You move too much in your body while horseback riding
    • You sit too tight or too stiff on your horse
    • Sitting trot is hard for you
    • You look down instead of forward
    • Your aids are too big, your horse is not responding enough on your aids
  • This is what the 30-day challenge does for you

    • You will learn step by step how to use your seat on a correct way. So you learn per part of your body how to thight of relax it. Exactly what is needed for you and your horse.
    • You will learn how to use your body while horseback riding. For example, how to do sitting trot and posting trot the best way.
    • You will learn how to develop the perfect riders' position, so you can give your aims on the most efficient way, on the right spot and with the right timing.
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  • Meet your coach

    Hester Bransen is a well known trainer and coach from the Netherlands. She designed the riders' feeling programm to help ambitious dressage riders all over the world. She is an expert in teaching riders the perfect riders' position. The 30 day challenge is a free video course you can use while training your horse. Already hundreds of riders reached a perfect riders' position thanks to Hesters' help. And already 8000 riders signed up for this challenge!

  • Video lessons

    This 30 day challenge makes it super easy for you to improve your riders' position. You get a video every day for 30 days in your mailbox. This video contains a tip to be a better dressage rider and get the perfect riders' position. This way you can practise daily while horseback riding and you have all the video tips in your mailbox.

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